Electrical and Electronics Engineering

The aim of Electrical and Electronics Engineering Program is to give professional training to the students according to the demand of the industry, and additionally, participation of the staff actively in applied and theoretical researches and supporting undergraduate courses by the results. The educational mission of Electrical and Electronics Engineering Program is to prepare our student for successful professional carriers in the international area. Electrical engineers are responsible for the generation, transfer and conversion of electrical power, while electronic engineers are concerned with the transfer of information using radio waves, the design of electronic circuits, the design of computer systems and the development of control systems such as aircraft autopilots. These well-trained engineers can look forward to a rewarding and respected career.

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Why Electrical and Electronics Engineering at IUS ?

Nowadays, Electrical and Electronics Engineering is an exciting and dynamic field. Respected career opportunities Get a minor degree from Computer Engineering Having the ability of the following recent developments in information century. Get yourself ready for the information century Specialize your self in your interest area like telecommunication, power systems, control, etc. Improve your practical way on Electrical and Electronics Engineering.

The Carrier Opportunities

Electricity establishment, Electrical Equipments, Telecommunication Systems, Industrial Automation Systems, Control Systems, Personnel Electronics, Medical Electronics.