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Coordinator's Message

Electrical and Electronics Engineering

Dear students,

The explosion in information technology is reshaping all aspects of life, and one important aspect that is being reformed is education. We at IUS, and more specifically at Electrical and Electronics Engineering (EEE) study program, realize that we tailor the EEE program, courses, and activities to walk hand in hand with fast changing industries and technologies.

Program Coordinator

Asst. Prof. Dr. Tarik Namas

Since many EEE courses are close or related to other engineering paths, we have a lot in common with mechanical engineering, and computer science. We work with students and educate them on three different levels: on the first level, which is essential to us and our students, through the lens of humanity and universal values, we teach concepts like team work, professional approach, helping and serving others, and having fun with what you are doing. The second level is the engineer’s level: our students use and apply tools and principles to solve engineering problems, in an efficient and professional way. The most focused level is the third on which is the one directly related to the electrical and electronics engineering.

The program is designed to give you choices in terms of career paths, whether in the energy sector, instrumentation and delicate devices, telecommunications, or automation and robotics. Our cross-disciplinary approach, and our emphasis on practical work and hands-on skills, assures that an engineer graduating from IUS is equipped with all the necessary tools, mindset, and professional approach to be successful whether working in renewable energy and classical energy plants with megawatts of power, or designing a signal processing device that deals with nanoparticles.

Finally, we aspire to quality in all aspects of our work in this program acknowledged by accreditation agencies. In addition, if you opt for EEE, and would like to experience living in two different countries, our double diploma program gives you an amazing opportunity to study at IUS and one of the best universities in Turkey, and receive two recognized diplomas.

We wish you a very fruitful and happy journey with us in the EEE program at IUS.

Assistant Professor Dr. Tarik Namas

Electrical and Electronics Engineering Program Coordinator

Electrical and Electronics Engineering

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Electrical and Electronics Engineering

"If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”

Nikola Tesla