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IUS Networks Prominent Industry Stakeholders within ADRION TRAINEE Project

Within the scope of activities of the ADRION – INTERRG project, International University of Sarajevo as one of the project partners, organized on Monday, June 19, 2023 a presentation and a round-table discussion with relevant stakeholders from the industry.

The meeting brought together representatives from more than 15 prominent companies in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia whose primary aim was to discuss the establishment of an industry Advisory Board, comprised of private and public companies and higher education institutions, which as a result would bring closer industry needs and requirements with the resources and produce of the academia. Notably, the Advisory Board would exchange experiences from the labour market in the areas of IT, energy, manufacturing, food, health, architecture, etc. and define the needs from the higher educational sector regarding the required engineering skills, tools and instruments, new global trends, research, development and the engineering mind sets desired by the employers. IUS was praised for its flexibility and readiness to adapt to the changing industry trends and it was stressed that IUS graduates and alumni are ready-made products when they step out into the labour market.

The organizers of the round-table discussion were ADRION – INTERRG project IUS representatives, Assistant Professor Dr. Ismar Alagić, Director of IUS Business Excellence Centre and Associate Professor and Electrical and Electronic Program Coordinator Dr. Tarik Namas. The guests were welcomed by the Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences Dean Associate Professor Dr. Edin Jahić who underlined that one of the main aims of the Faculty is to establish and foster closer ties and cooperation with successful sectoral companies.

Following the quick round introduction of companies and attendees, Prof. Namas gave a brief presentation of IUS and its facilities, notably its Research and Development Centre, which the guests had the opportunity to see first-hand during a short campus tour. The ADRION TRAINEE project was then presented to the attendees focusing on its key concepts and policies. The project is a transnational initiative to design a joint master's degree in renewable energy bringing together university and business stakeholders from Greece, Croatia, Italy, Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, and Serbia.